From the Special Education Classroom

I tend to avoid using the #Blessed terminology generally, but in this instance I 100% consider myself blessed to know some amazing special educators who are willing to share a tiny bit of their perspectives from inside the classroom and from the other side of the IEP table.

I do hope that Ms. Eff and Ms. Cat Eyes will share more with us in the future, I hope other educators join in on the conversation, and I hope that you enjoy reading their stories as much as I did.

See their stories below.

Random Fandom

Fandom is a form of self-care.

Fight me.*Don’t really try to fight me on this. I’m stubborn and I WILL win.

As I was saying, fandom (and I know particular individuals hate “fan” as a term due to etymological roots steeped in stigma–I used to, as well; I’ve since had a change of heart) is a form of self-care. A powerful one. It changes lives. It saves lives.

Here in the House of Bubbles and Chaos, we’re proud to fly our fandom flag.

Geek-Chic All Week. 🤜🤛

Guest submissions–artwork, photo manip, photo ops, essays, fanfics–are ALWAYS welcome.