2018 Mark Sheppard Appearance List: Playing with Affinity Publisher’s Beta Release

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This is not an official review of the software…YET. 

Affinity Dropped Their Beta Release of Publisher Yesterday

I couldn’t be more excited about this desktop publishing program, let me tell you!

I’ve spent the last 24 hours exploring this badass program and it is SURE to give Adobe InDesign a run for it’s money. If you’ve been looking for an affordable go-to for desktop publishing that provides similar results, pop on over to Affinity’s website to download the beta version of Publisher today and see for yourself.

My First Test Run of Affinity Publisher

I threw together a simple (unaffiliated, unauthorized, and unofficial) promo flyer for my #BAMFM (that’s badass motherf*cking muse, thank you) and the remaining appearances he’ll be making in 2018.

I attended my first convention earlier this year and it was nothing short of AMAZING. I’ll save the story for another post, but I will say that the trip profoundly affected me in a fantastic fashion (#CreativeClarity). So naturally, I’ve taken to preaching promotional about conventions and Sheppard in an almost evangelical fashion. #HaveYouHeardTheGoodNewsAboutMyMuse? 😁

Many thanks to Nat over at marksheppardfandom.blogspot.com for compiling the information—I just tried to pretty it up a bit; you can find additional event details by clicking the link I’ve provided to her page, or by clicking on the promo below.

Editor’s Note: Sheppard’s appearance schedule has changed due to the mysterious new project he’s working on currently (and the speculations amongst the fandom are many—cannot WAIT to see what the dude’s doing these days). Nat has updated her page to reflect these changes to the best of her knowledge. Hop on over there to peep the latest news on where you can catch up with my #BAMFM! ~10/26/2018.

And I owe a sheepish shrug in Sheppard’s general direction for boosting his public profile pic—no prettying up needed there, genetics has that covered.



Mark Sheppard 2018 Appearances, 2018 Sheppard Events, Affinity Publisher Beta
Unofficial Mark Sheppard 2018 Appearance List; Photo boosted from Sheppard’s public profile on Twitter; Info credit goes to Nat over at marksheppardfandom.blogspot.com.

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