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GoFundMe for Miss Sue

BubblesAndChaos.com Fundraising Shout-out on behalf of GoFundMe Emergency Funding For Miss Sue
.Disclaimer & Disclosure: Miss Sue Catt (aka Miss Sue Cherry) is a friend of and is an occasional content contributor for BubblesAndChaos.com. That being said, BubblesAndChaos.com is not involved in Miss Sue's GoFundMe beyond helping her promote it (which we at BubblesAndChaos.com did volunteer our assistance—Miss Sue neither asked nor did she pay BubblesAndChaos.com to help promote her GoFundMe). None...

Mark and Sarah Sheppard Tell Fans to Get Kippled!

Bubbles and Chaos's screenshot of "Have you ever Kippled?" campaign purchase, prettied up by S.J. Freeze (with a footnote Thank You to her husband).
Visit Represent.com/Mark to Get Kippled for Camp Conrad Chinnock. Ends 4/20/2019

Saying Goodbye to Supernatural

Bubbles and Chaos Logo Guest Post, Title: Saying Goodbye to Supernatural
Guest Author Sue Catt, along with the entire SPN Family, learns a bittersweet life lesson about letting go of her favorite show. Supernatural — 15 years of loving posse.

Why Does This Mother-Blogger Share So Much?

Mother-blogger Spot of BubblesAndChaos.com poses in from of her wall of family pictures
I’ve been trying to work on this piece for several months now. It’s a hard write. It’s an emotional write. It's also a longer write, so I'll be breaking it down and releasing it in pieces. So, going into it, I’ll say this: I’m not exactly skilled at expressing the feels. Well, no. Strike that. I’m...

Creating the Mark Sheppard 2019 Appearance List

Mark Sheppard 2019 Appearance List Gif.1
Actor Mark Sheppard's 2019 appearances in a handy-dandy PDF.

The Spotify Crowley Playlist

Crowley-inspired Spotify Playlist, music,
A Crowley-inspired Spotify playlist that's hotter than hell.

Coming Out of the Dark

Finally. After months and months of fighting, I can finally see it. Just a small, tiny bit of light. You see, I have depression. Then In April of 2018, I sat on my floor, pills and insulin around me, ready to give up on everything. I had done my research and I knew that the combination I was about to take would be more...

Special Education Paraprofessional “Cat Eyes”

Cat eyes, Special Education Paraprofessional
Meet our newest Guest Author, Special Education Paraprofessional "Cat Eyes"!

Merry Christmas 2018!

Christmas 2018 SPNFamily
#SPNFamily, I made this for YOU!                

Pre-Neuro Follow-Up Appt: Unfiltered

We Have a Neurology Appointment in a Few Hours. It'll be our first in-person appointment with K's Neurologist since we received the news of the cortical lesion on her brain. And our first opportunity to discuss what it means for our family in the grand scheme of things--when I originally received the news over-the-phone, I was too damn shell-shocked to...

Hell Ponds, Hurricanes, and a View from the Bathroom Floor

Post Partum Depression, Special Needs Fam Fan, Doc Holliday
"I am a mother — an overwhelmed and tired mother — of three amazing children. I am a mother who gives her best day in and day out with what seems little recognition in return."

RIP Scriptwriter William Goldman

William Goldman RIP Thank You
RIP William Goldman You were best known for your Oscar-winning wordsmithery, having penned and polished big-screen gems like Misery, All the President's Men, and of course, The Princess Bride. You'll forever be best-known to me as the man who helped give me one of the BEST Christmas presents of 2017. I've had the post/pic about it sitting in my draft queue for...

Wicked Wine (Chilly) 5K Today!

Spot & Doc Holliday are off to run the Wicked Wine 5K today!

2018 Midterm Elections: I Voted. Did You?

2018 Midterm Elections, I Voted
Credit: S.J. Freeze I #Voted!Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I voted for the first time today. Mr. Universe didn't make it too easy on me — I was turned away at the first polling location (apparently our precinct lines are a bit kooky) and sent "back yonder" to go place my vote in someone's garage. #SeemsLegit. I finally tracked down a woman who possessed knowledge...

Fan Art: The Little Prince/Mark Sheppard Mashup

Random Fandom Shoutout—Artist: @laaminablackjok My fangirling isn't limited to my special needs community friend-os, y'all, it's a very inclusive mindset when it comes to the things that make me go, "Squee!" The piece below, drawn by @laaminablackjok from Twitter, features artwork inspired by Antoine de Saint-Exupery's book, "The Little Prince," and everyone's favorite #BAMFM, Mark "Empire" Sheppard. I absolutely fell in love...
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