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When fighting a daily battle with self injury, sometimes the battles get loud and angry.

Ramble On: July 9th, 2019

Ramble On July 9, 2019
Check out what we have been up to at The House of Bubbles and Chaos these last couple of months! #Seizures, #KMT2C, and a #PDP.

“Miss Me?”—Mark Sheppard’s Latest Represent Campaign

Supernatural Family Represent "Miss Me?" Mark Sheppard Limited Edition Apparel
Actor Mark Sheppard has a new, limited edition apparel Represent campaign for Supernatural/Crowley fans: "Miss Me?" Why, yes. Yes, we do.

Bubbles and Chaos Becomes Brand Ambassador & Station Host for Stationhead, Inc.

Bubbles and Chaos now appearing as Brand Ambassador of Stationhead, inc.
Advertisement / Brand Ambassador Message (It's so cool that we get to say that now! You can read more about our Brand Ambassador partnership here.) Here's the deal, my dudes: We've teamed up with the folks over at Stationhead, inc, and we're going to be bringing you a whole new level of chaos!   

Show Us a Dance

Bubbles and Chaos, silhouettes of people dancing
Dance like everyone’s watching… and they fucking love it. Javi Grillo-Marxuach Tweet Every now and again, K busts into a random and dramatic 360-degree spin-step with a high-in-the-air hand clap kicker—it’s adorable,... A Recommended Resource

TheAutismDad, Rob Gorski, Autism Resources, Parenting Blog
Find out why Rob Gorski's is first up on our list of recommended resources for autism parenting.

GoFundMe for Miss Sue Fundraising Shout-out on behalf of GoFundMe Emergency Funding For Miss Sue
.Disclaimer & Disclosure: Miss Sue Catt (aka Miss Sue Cherry) is a friend of and is an occasional content contributor for That being said, is not involved in Miss Sue's GoFundMe beyond helping her promote it (which we at did volunteer our assistance—Miss Sue neither asked nor did she pay to help promote her GoFundMe). None...

Mark and Sarah Sheppard Tell Fans to Get Kippled!

Bubbles and Chaos's screenshot of "Have you ever Kippled?" campaign purchase, prettied up by S.J. Freeze (with a footnote Thank You to her husband).
Visit to Get Kippled for Camp Conrad Chinnock. Campaign extended to May 7th, 2019, according to Represent's info.

Saying Goodbye to Supernatural

Bubbles and Chaos Logo Guest Post, Title: Saying Goodbye to Supernatural
Guest Author Sue Catt, along with the entire SPN Family, learns a bittersweet life lesson about letting go of her favorite show. Supernatural — 15 years of loving posse.

Why Does This Mother-Blogger Share So Much?

Mother-blogger Spot of poses in from of her wall of family pictures
I’ve been trying to work on this piece for several months now. It’s a hard write. It’s an emotional write. It's also a longer write, so I'll be breaking it down and releasing it in pieces. So, going into it, I’ll say this: I’m not exactly skilled at expressing the feels. Well, no. Strike that. I’m...