Ramble On: January 10th, 2020

‪On our way to K’s 6-month follow-up w/ her neurologist at #TexasChildrensHospital. ‬ ‪Houston traffic—ugh, hate. Crowded, people drive like they’re 🦇 💩 crazy,...
A collection of Stace Freeze early graphic design creations

Throwback Thursday—Graphic Design, Process, & Progress

I've been self-studying graphic design on a part-time...
Crowley Seals the Deal with the Piggy Banker

Supernatural Family Celebrates the Tenth Anniversary of “Abandon All Hope”

"It started out with a kiss. How did it end up like this?" from Mr. Brightside, by The Killers Today the Supernatural...
Picture of Hard Copy of Original Essay, "Dropping the Bomb: A Subtle Realization about Language," Written in 2006

Dropping the Bomb

Before You Read:A Note from the Author Dropping the Bomb: A Subtle Realization about Language is an academic essay I wrote back in September 2006 for...
Team Crowley Supernatural Season 15 Poster

Supernatural Season 15 Premieres Tonight!

Supernatural Season 15 premieres tonight. We have feelings...


When fighting a daily battle with self injury, sometimes the battles get loud and angry.
Ramble On July 9, 2019

Ramble On: July 9th, 2019

Check out what we have been up to at The House of Bubbles and Chaos these last couple of months! #Seizures, #KMT2C, and a #PDP.
Supernatural Family Represent "Miss Me?" Mark Sheppard Limited Edition Apparel

“Miss Me?”—Mark Sheppard’s Latest Represent Campaign

Actor Mark Sheppard has a new, limited edition apparel Represent campaign for Supernatural/Crowley fans: "Miss Me?" Why, yes. Yes, we do.
Bubbles and Chaos now appearing as Brand Ambassador of Stationhead, inc.

Bubbles and Chaos Becomes Brand Ambassador & Station Host for Stationhead, Inc.

Advertisement / Brand Ambassador Message (It's so cool that we get to say that now! You can read more about our Brand Ambassador partnership here.)
Bubbles and Chaos, silhouettes of people dancing

Show Us a Dance

Dance like everyone’s watching… and they fucking love it. Javi Grillo-Marxuach...