Denver Comic Con 2018: Are You Ready?

Mark A. Sheppard, Denver Comic Con 2018, Bubbles and Chaos, #BAMFM
Sceenshot taken from Mr. Sheppard’s Public Instagram account; cheesy edits provided by S.J. Freeze

Countdown to Bubbles and Chaos: Colorado is on!

Tomorrow night The Teen aka Smol Tortl; The Bestie Formerly Known As Blackbeard, the fabulous Miss Eff; and yours truly, Stace “Spot on Chaos” Freeze will journey afar (okay not that far) to the Houston airport, where we will begin our fantastic voyage to the Mile High City of Denver, Colorado. Three wild and crazy gals. One glorious week. Unsupervised. Whatever shall we do?

Freaking Out about the Firsts!

Seriously, guys. I. Am. Freaking. Out. This trip is throwing so much newness at me and I’m trying not to get overwhelmed. Again. I may have already canceled plane tickets once only hours after we’d ordered them. The Husband said this time there’s no Takezies Backzies–I’m getting on that damn plane if they have to drug and drag me.

All of the Firsts:

  • #StaceOnAPlane
  • Going to Colorado
  • Week away from The Husband
  • “Working” vacation (let’s see how great I am at that whole work/life balance gig)
  • Mother/Teen Daughter getaway
  • Spending entire week with Miss Eff
  • Meetup at Comic Con with my Military Nephew (outside of organized family get-togethers)
  • Comic Con
  • Event coverage for the website, including trying to score face-to-face interviews
  • Mark Sheppard photo op/meet
  • The Husband paid for me to go spend time with another man **see the preceding “first”  😆 **
  • Week away from Lil’ Kaos

It’s a lot for my brain to process. Especially that last one. For those who don’t know, Lil’ Kaos is my 7-year-old daughter; she’s autistic and non-verbal. While it’s not technically the first time I’ve spent a week away from her, the last time was when she was just a baby and we’d allowed Meemaw Fly to take her with on a trip to the Midwest that Fly was making to see family. This time, Meemaw Fly flew (that’s kind of fun to say, by the way, but I digress) down here to help care for my Kaos in the absence of Bubbles and Chaos. She and her son are pretty damn great for making this trip happen for us. And while I know K is going to be in great hands while I’m gone–Daddy and Meemaw have got this–I’m still crying like a little b**** as I’m typing up this bit about being away.

Focus on the Fabulous: Excuse Me, Ma’am, but Your Geek is Showing

I can’t even BEGIN to list all the panels I’m planning on attending while at DCC 2018. The lineup is so great that it’s given me major squirrel brain–how will I EVER see everything that I want to see?!

My jump-off point for the trip, though, will be the lovely @AKNerdFighting panel–I stumbled upon those lovely ladies on Twitter, learned of their upcoming panel at DCC. Things just kind of snowballed from there. Psychology and fandom and Supernatural–oh my! How could NOT attend? I feel like I may be attending much of these alone while Miss Eff and Smol Tortl meander around, doing their own things, but that’s okay. I can dig it.

Denver Comic Con 2018: Are You Ready? 1 Denver Comic Con 2018: Are You Ready? img 1401 e1528725572294The fact that Mark Sheppard is going to be there–THAT was a pleasant surprise that we’ll call a bonus incentive to step out of my comfort zone. I’ve said for years that I didn’t intend to meet him until after I finished writing a trilogy I’ve been working on for some time–BUT at the rate that’s going, well, let’s just say I figured I’d better just go ahead and scratch this off the bucket list before one of us dies.

Okay, guys, I’d love to write more, and I probably will at some point, but I’ve got to get my rear in gear. We still have SO much we need to do before leaving tomorrow night. Wish us luck!

Cannot wait to see AKNerdFighting dropping knowledge at Denver Comic Con 2018! Screenshot taken from AKNerdfighting public Twitter account, credit to S.J. Freeze

Monster Squad, Denver Comic Con 2018, Bubbles and Chaos, Junkfood Cinema
Monster Squad at Denver Comic Con 2018–WHAT?! Screencap taken from Junkfood Cinema’s and Denver Comic Con’s public Twitter accounts, credit to S.J. Freeze

Spring Break Day 1, Morning Options


Spring Break in a Special Needs Home:

What Would You Do? 

When my eyes popped open this morning at 5:53 AM I hadn’t expected to be greeted with silence. What is this madness?

After taking a quick and sneaky peek at the youngsters, determining that indeed all was right in the world, I was faced with the all-important question of “What will I do with my kid-free time?”

Be a Doll and Play Along

So what do you guys try to squeeze in during those precious few moments of “free time”?


Peppermint Lit



Lil" Kaos is riding high on peppermints and adrenaline on this fabulous New Year's Eve in the House of Bubbles and Chaos.
New Year’s Eve 2017

Currently counting down to 2018 with one of the great loves of my life.

Kaos and I are girling it up to the sweet sounds of Lady Gaga while The Teen and Her Dude ventured to civilization in search of sparkling white grape juice.

Awesome Lee Humble is passed out in the recliner.  😆


Christmas Presence


Christmas Presence 3 Christmas Presence img 1028

I don’t know how your kids roll, but getting mine to sit still and chill with me on the couch is damn near impossible.  The Teen, aka Smol Tortl, and I enjoy an occasional evening together of bad TV binging, but those times have grown fewer and more far-between in recent times, I’ve noticed, and Kaos usually has her own agenda. Watching TV with mom typically doesn’t make that list.

But last week, things were a bit different. The other night, after she was done sudsing it up in the tub and had doled out her After-Bath Laugh*

Kaos Gave Me Her Christmas Presence

She grabbed her iPad and snuggled up next to me on the couch, joining me for a viewing of “The Princess Bride.”

That shit just doesn’t happen. Like ever.  Mind you, she fell asleep about 20 minutes later, but I didn’t even care! I take the wins where I can find ’em. ❤️

Even though I was tired and I should’ve dragged my sorry self to bed, I didn’t. K was still snuggled up next to me, snoring softly long after I heard the bed calling my name.  It was damn adorable and I wanted to hold onto that moment as long as I could. I savored it. Who knew when the next snuggle window would open up?

I may have also been putting it off because I feared risking the couch-to-bed child transfer. (Don’t look at me like that. Sound-sleep windows are also a rarity).

*After-Bath Laugh: Undeniably the most adorable and infectious burst of Snidely-style giggles that you will ever hear in your life; typically performed during the slippery and parental-heart-stopping “Victory Romp” around the house. 

Let There Be LIGHT!


Let There Be LIGHT! 5 Let There Be LIGHT! pexels photo 53265

Get Ready for More Au-some Product Reviews!

The photography light box I’ve been waiting for has finally arrived. Muahahahahaha! You have no idea how excited I am about this gadgetry. The lighting in this house (which I’m sure had to have been designed by Nosferatu himself) was seriously sending me into meltdown mode when trying to grab some good shots of the greatness I have in the works to show you.

Oh Yes. It’s About to Go Down for Real.

**In an unrelated matter, I just realized that I’ve been wearing my shirt inside-out all day. I went to the store like that. FML. ?‍♀ I should really consider switching up where I shop.

Spot’s Thoughts: “I Am in Here” Book Review


This post contains affiliate links. I may make a small commission if you choose to purchase the items through my link.

A Special Needs Family Fandom Book Review: “I Am in Here.”

Hey, Bubble Blowers and Chaos Mongers! Welcome to the first edition of “Spot’s Thoughts”, where yours truly will share reviews of products, TV shows, movies, books, and so on for your interwebbing pleasure. First up on the list: “I Am in Here.”

And so, without further ado, let’s get this party started!

Book Summary:

Spot's Thoughts: "I Am in Here" Book Review 7 Spot's Thoughts: "I Am in Here" Book Review q? encoding=UTF8&MarketPlace=US&ASIN=0800720717&ServiceVersion=20070822&ID=AsinImage&WS=1&Format= SL250 &tag=bubblesandc06 20Spot's Thoughts: "I Am in Here" Book Review 9 Spot's Thoughts: "I Am in Here" Book Review ir?t=bubblesandc06 20&l=am2&o=1&a=0800720717

Title:     “I Am in Here: The Journey of  a Child with Autism Who Cannot Speak but Finds Her Voice”

Authors:     Elizabeth M. Bonker & Virginia G. Breen

“I Am in Here: The Journey of a Child with Autism Who Cannot Speak but Finds Her Voice” is a Christian-themed inspirational memoir co-written by a daughter/mother team whose family is “profoundly affected by Autism.”

Through her powerful poetry, 13-year-old Elizabeth forges a strong connection to the world around her and offers us a brief glimpse into her world as she experiences it as a young lady with Autism who is also non-verbal.

Determined to share her daughter’s voice with the world, her mother “Ginnie,” chapter by chapter, uses Elizabeth’s works as a platform and builds upon them, adding her own heartwarming—and at times, heartrending—accounts of their family’s journey through the labyrinth of Autism.

Aimed at an audience of other “Special Families,” this book seeks to deliver young Elizabeth’s message of hope and peace while reminding us that “a family doesn’t have to be normal…to survive and eventually thrive.”

Spot’s Thoughts:

“I Am in Here” Sucker–Punched Me Right in The Feels!

So, yeah…wowzers! I cried during this read. A lot. More than I’d like to admit, guys (#OhMyHeart).

Maybe it’s just me—maybe I’ve gone soft in my old age? 🙂

Or maybe it’s because I saw so much of my family within these pages.

“I Am in Here” Is Very Identifiable, on An Intensely Emotional Level.

My youngest daughter, now 8-year-old Lil’ Kaos, was diagnosed with ASD some years back. She’s also non-verbal and struggles daily with the frustration of trying to communicate with others. And we struggle as a family when we’re unable to pick up what she’s trying to put down. It’s a horrible, helpless feeling to not understand what your kid is trying to tell you, to not truly know what she’s going through. There are always so many unanswered questions…

If You Have A Non-Verbal Loved One with Autism, You’ll Get “I Am in Here”.

If Not, This Book Provides A 101–Level Crash Course in Non-Verbal Autism Family Feels.

At one point, Elizabeth writes about experiencing the energy of storms physically. It reminded of K’s uncharacteristic behavior during the week leading up to Hurricane Harvey. Meltdown city. Although meltdowns are pretty common for many ASD peeps, K rarely has them outside of medical–type facilities. We weren’t able to track down a specific trigger, but after the storm she returned to her spunky little self. Poof, just like that.

I’d wondered then if she’d sensed the pressure changes in the atmosphere as Harvey approached? Now, after reading Elizabeth’s “Thunderstorms” I wonder even more so.

"I Am in Here" Is A Book That Not Only Pulls Your Heartstrings, but Also Offers Practical Advice to Special Needs Parents. Click To Tweet

But the part that really hit home for me, guys, was her poem “Me.”  She speaks the unspoken to us as readers, reminding us that being non-verbal does not mean having nothing to say, but rather the contrary, that the thoughts and feelings run deep, and they ache to be heard.

Although the rockstar of “I Am in Here” is certainly Elizabeth, in all her poetic glory (I really dig her writing), her mother Ginnie’s certainly no slouch when it comes to wordsmithing her wisdom, either.

Throughout the book, she shares her can-do dedication to making things happen for her family. Her “Show Me” principles, adapted from her Wallstreet career, along with her “How To’s” of relentless parenting, offer up some outstanding guidance on rocking the Special Needs #ParentSoHard lifestyle in spectacular fashion.

But I Have One Tiny Complaint…

I so wanted to hear (read…whatever, you get it) more from Elizabeth!

Seriously, she writes with such an astounding level of concise clarity about spirituality, nature, and such. Indeed, I think she’s said more in just a few lines of a single poem than I’ve ever accomplished in writing pages of essays. She’s frickin’ brilliant. Nicely done, young lady. #RespectAndRockOn \m/

All in All, “I Am in Here” Is A Book of 100% WINspiration for The Special Needs Family Fandom!

Recommended for:

  • Special needs families, friends, caregivers, and educators
  • Readers into Christian inspirational pieces

Read with Caution:

  • Special Needs Family Fandom members of newly diagnosed youngsters
    *useful info and inspiration for newbs, but could potentially be a little hard on the feels in light of a fresh diagnosis…

Do Not Read:

  • People offended by Christian-themed anything
  • Wearers of non-waterproof mascara

**Unless you’re going for that whole Heath Ledger-The Dark Knight-Joker look. Personally, I find that look a little heavy for daytime wear, but hey, whatever. No judgment. You do you. You’ve been warned.** 

What Are Your Thoughts?

Have you read “I Am in Here”? Are you interested in reading it? Do you have other books about Autism you’d recommend?

People Skills On-Point


Last night I ran into a fellow Special Needs Mom shopping at the local hot spot.

There I was, standing in line at the checkout, minding my own business, when the unthinkable happened.

A Change is Gonna Come


A Whole New Kind of Chaos!

Updated 11/07/2020

We’ve floated over to a new web host, guys! Bubbles and Chaos has parted ways with eHost and we’ve brought our chaos over to SiteGround! Can you tell we’re excited?

What This Means for You!