Bubbles and Chaos Becomes Brand Ambassador & Station Host for Stationhead, Inc.

Another Kind of Chaos

Bubbles and Chaos now appearing as Brand Ambassador of Stationhead, inc.

Advertisement / Brand Ambassador Message (It’s so cool that we get to say that now! You can read more about our Brand Ambassador partnership here.)

Here’s the deal, my dudes:

We’ve teamed up with the folks over at Stationhead, inc, and we’re going to be bringing you a whole new level of chaos! 



What is it?

Stationhead is a social radio platform that’s teamed up with Spotify and Apple music streaming services, allowing people like YOU to essentially start up your own radio station. You bring the content and talk about whatever pleases your little heart (as long as it’s not hate speech—nobody wants hate speech), you create your song rotations in your preferred music streaming app, and BOOM, it’s on like donkey kong and you’ve made your own radio station while Stationhead and the streaming services handle the music licensing technicalities.

Bubbles and Chaos: Brand Ambassador & Station Host

What does it mean for us, and what does it mean for you?

Basically, we get another fun platform to go play around in, complete with B & C created soundtracks! You can expect, well, chaos. We’ll be chatting about autism and special needs parenting-related topics, movies and media, fandom * Mark Sheppard , and of course—music!

You can come hang out with us, live and on the air! Download the app, find our station (we’re @BubblesAndChaos), and click the “request to go on” button to chat with us on-air. It’s going to be a great time, and we hope y’all come check us out on Stationhead (there are some other great shows on there, too—I’m looking forward to listening to 5CentsMedia’s “The Geekin’ Out Show” there later; we had a great chat about Good Omens on Prime last night, as well as some cool tech talk)! AND maaaaybe you’ll get in there, dig the app vibe and decide to start your own station, maybe we can team up and co-host together sometime? You never know.


Where is it?

You can download the Stationhead app on Apple’s App Store (an Android app is in development and you can sign up for the heads-up on when the Android app is ready here).

What if I’m not an Apple user

How can I check out your live content?

Have no fear, my dudes! We’re thinking that until the Android-gap is filled, Bubbles and Chaos may supplement with live video via Twitter or Instagram? We’ll have to mute the music when it’s time to play some of the rotation, but maybe we’ll do some behind-the-broadcast exclusive talk for the live video audience while the station listeners are checking the music out?

Let us know your thoughts, Android-users.

Social Radio

We think this is going to be a game-changer in social media and we’re excited to see where it leads! So, my dudes, what do YOU think? Are you willing to check out a social radio network?


  1. Nooo, I have an Android! Honestly though, I am so excited for you. I think you’re going to have a blast doing this and also get some people educated.

    • I really think we may do a live video feed of the broadcast for our android people until they finish the app. You miss out on the cool music part, but we could put playlists on YouTube & Spotify if you wanted the vibe experience along with the talk.


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