Bubbles and Chaos Maintenance
Pardon our chaos!

A Whole New Kind of Chaos!

We’ve floated over to a new web host, guys! Bubbles and Chaos has parted ways with eHost and we’ve brought our chaos over to SiteGround! Can you tell we’re excited?

What This Means for You!

Bubbles and Chaos: More Organized Chaos

As a WAWAHM (work and write at home mom, thank you) and a proud member of the Special Needs Family Fandom, I get that time is a hot commodity, and that a little organization goes a LONG way towards making the day-to-day flow a little smoother!

With our fancy schmancy newly acquired archive functionality, easy-to-use search bar, and post categories, you’ll find it much easier to find the content you’re looking for—or even the content you didn’t know you were looking for! You’re welcome. 🙂

Bubbles and Chaos: a Safer Reading Experience

We’re getting an SSL certificate! So, you can rest assured that when you visit our site, your data will be secure! Which reminds me…

Bubbles and Chaos: a Fancy-Schmancy eStore

In the months to come, you’ll be able to pick up some pretty darn swell swag! Get your Bubbles and Chaos on and help support the Special Needs Family Fandom! Tshirts, coffee mugs…who knows? *We’ll keep you updated on the deets as they become available.*

We’d love to hear what you’re looking for in the ways of swag! Feel free to send us suggestions.

Bubbles and Chaos: More Content, More Often

Admittedly, some of our authors *sheepish grin* haven’t been very consistent with submitting content in the past. That changes now!

Switching to a more streamlined content management system powered by WordPress, with all its awesome plugins, will take some of the tech sorcery out of the behind-the-scenes process for our staff. That means we’ll have more time to focus on bringing you all of the fascinating thought bubbles we know you want!

We’re looking forward to this transition and can’t wait to share our thought bubbles with you! And we hope that you’ll share yours with us, as well!

Stay tuned!



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