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Crowley Seals the Deal with the Piggy Banker

Supernatural Family Celebrates the Tenth Anniversary of “Abandon All Hope”

"It started out with a kiss. How did it end up like this?" from Mr. Brightside, by The Killers Today the Supernatural...
Team Crowley Supernatural Season 15 Poster

Supernatural Season 15 Premieres Tonight!

Supernatural Season 15 premieres tonight. We have feelings...
Supernatural Family Represent "Miss Me?" Mark Sheppard Limited Edition Apparel

“Miss Me?”—Mark Sheppard’s Latest Represent Campaign

Actor Mark Sheppard has a new, limited edition apparel Represent campaign for Supernatural/Crowley fans: "Miss Me?" Why, yes. Yes, we do.
Bubbles and Chaos's screenshot of "Have you ever Kippled?" campaign purchase, prettied up by S.J. Freeze (with a footnote Thank You to her husband).

Mark and Sarah Sheppard Tell Fans to Get Kippled!

Visit to Get Kippled for Camp Conrad Chinnock. Campaign extended to May 7th, 2019, according to Represent's info.
Affinity Publisher Screenshot of 2019 Mark Sheppard Appearance List

Creating the Mark Sheppard 2019 Appearance List

Actor Mark Sheppard's 2019/2020 appearances in a handy-dandy PDF & Google Calendar view.

Fan Art: The Little Prince/Mark Sheppard Mashup

Random Fandom Shoutout—Artist: @laaminablackjok My fangirling isn't limited to my special needs community friend-os, y'all, it's a very inclusive mindset when it comes to the things that make me go,...
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Invoking the Muse: This Status on “Fire”

Author's Note: This piece was not originally intended to be published as an official post, but rather as a quick social media status update for #AmWriting, as I was...
Mark Sheppard 2018 Appearances, 2018 Sheppard Events, Affinity Publisher Beta

2018 Mark Sheppard Appearance List: Playing with Affinity Publisher’s Beta Release

Disclaimer:  This post contains no affiliate links and the author has received no compensation for the piece that follows (aside from the ridiculous amusement derived from her creative process and...
bubbles and chaos, denver comic con 2018, special needs family fandom

Denver Comic Con 2018: Are You Ready?

@AKNerdFighting, @Mark_Sheppard, and writer panels, oh my! Bubbles and Chaos is coming to @DenverComicCon 2018!