NaRoWriMo 11-03-20 Pt 1

Good morning (as I'm typing this; the clock will probably tick over while I'm writing, but eh)! Election Day 2020 Did you get out to vote...

NaROWriMo 11-02-20

This picture is an accurate representation of my day. That is all.

NaRoWriMo 2020: 11/01/20

Day one of Bubbles and Chaos's NaRoWriMo 2020 series. National Ramble On Writing Month.

I love bread!

Fit into my size 7 jeans today! Woo! And The Husband brought home a bread machine. I’m currently making bagels. My jean victory may be...

GoFundMe for Miss Sue

.Disclaimer & Disclosure: Miss Sue Catt (aka Miss Sue Cherry) is a friend of and is an occasional content contributor for BubblesAndChaos.com. That being said,...

Wicked Wine (Chilly) 5K Today!

Spot & Doc Holliday are off to run the Wicked Wine 5K today!

Spring Break Day 1, Morning Options

Spring Break in a Special Needs Home: What Would You Do?  When my eyes popped open this morning at 5:53 AM I hadn't expected to be...

Peppermint Lit

  Currently counting down to 2018 with one of the great loves of my life. Kaos and I are girling it up to the sweet sounds...

People Skills On-Point

Last night I ran into a fellow Special Needs Mom shopping at the local hot spot. There I was, standing in line at the checkout,...

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