NaRoWriMo 11-02-20

NaROWriMo 11-02-20

This picture is an accurate representation of my day. That is all.
NaRoWriMo 2020: 11/01/20

NaRoWriMo 2020: 11/01/20

Day one of Bubbles and Chaos's NaRoWriMo 2020 series. National Ramble On Writing Month.

I love bread!

Fit into my size 7 jeans today! Woo! And The Husband brought home a bread machine. I’m currently making bagels. Fundraising Shout-out on behalf of GoFundMe Emergency Funding For Miss Sue

GoFundMe for Miss Sue

.Disclaimer & Disclosure: Miss Sue Catt (aka Miss Sue Cherry) is a friend of and is an occasional content contributor for That being said, is not...

Wicked Wine (Chilly) 5K Today!

Spot & Doc Holliday are off to run the Wicked Wine 5K today!
Bubbles and Chaos Spring Break Day 1

Spring Break Day 1, Morning Options

Spring Break in a Special Needs Home: What Would You Do?  When my eyes popped open this morning at 5:53 AM I hadn't expected to be greeted with silence. What is...
Lil" Kaos is riding high on peppermints and adrenaline on this fabulous New Year's Eve in the House of Bubbles and Chaos.

Peppermint Lit

  Currently counting down to 2018 with one of the great loves of my life. Kaos and I are girling it up to the sweet sounds of Lady Gaga while The...

People Skills On-Point

Last night I ran into a fellow Special Needs Mom shopping at the local hot spot. There I was, standing in line at the checkout, minding my own business, when...