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A random writing ramble. Unplanned but “penned” all the same. #WritingCommunity #SPNFamily #BadPoetry

Dropping the Bomb

Before You Read:A Note from the Author Dropping the Bomb: A Subtle Realization about Language is an academic essay I wrote back in September...

Show Us a Dance

Dance like everyone’s watching… and they fucking love it. Javi Grillo-Marxuach Tweet Every now and again, K busts into a random and dramatic...

Mr. Universe Comes A-Calling, Part 2

Catch "Mr. Universe Comes A-Calling" from the beginning! Read part 1 here! Quad Screen Positive "Your Quad Screen came back positive for Down Syndrome. Now, this doesn't...

Mr. Universe Comes A-Calling

Mr. Universe drops in for an unexpected visit with a #SpecialNeeds #MotherBlogger, and escorts her on a time-traveling expedition full of feels.

Invoking the Muse: This Status on “Fire”

Author's Note: This piece was not originally intended to be published as an official post, but rather as a quick social media status update...

A Reluctant Domestic Diva’s Words of Wisdom on a Saturday Morning: Poem #1

Laundry. I don’t want to do it. #Nope

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