Christmas Presence

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I don’t know how your kids roll, but getting mine to sit still and chill with me on the couch is damn near impossible.  The Teen, aka Smol Tortl, and I enjoy an occasional evening together of bad TV binging, but those times have grown fewer and more far-between in recent times, I’ve noticed, and Kaos usually has her own agenda. Watching TV with mom typically doesn’t make that list.

But last week, things were a bit different. The other night, after she was done sudsing it up in the tub and had doled out her After-Bath Laugh*

Kaos Gave Me Her Christmas Presence

She grabbed her iPad and snuggled up next to me on the couch, joining me for a viewing of “The Princess Bride.”

That shit just doesn’t happen. Like ever.  Mind you, she fell asleep about 20 minutes later, but I didn’t even care! I take the wins where I can find ’em. ❤️

Even though I was tired and I should’ve dragged my sorry self to bed, I didn’t. K was still snuggled up next to me, snoring softly long after I heard the bed calling my name.  It was damn adorable and I wanted to hold onto that moment as long as I could. I savored it. Who knew when the next snuggle window would open up?

I may have also been putting it off because I feared risking the couch-to-bed child transfer. (Don’t look at me like that. Sound-sleep windows are also a rarity).

*After-Bath Laugh: Undeniably the most adorable and infectious burst of Snidely-style giggles that you will ever hear in your life; typically performed during the slippery and parental-heart-stopping “Victory Romp” around the house. 


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