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Bubbles and Chaos: We're going to Denver Comic Con 2018!
Mark A. Sheppard, Denver Comic Con 2018, Bubbles and Chaos, #BAMFM
Sceenshot taken from Mr. Sheppard’s Public Instagram account; cheesy edits provided by S.J. Freeze

Countdown to Bubbles and Chaos: Colorado is on!

Tomorrow night The Teen aka Smol Tortl; The Bestie Formerly Known As Blackbeard, the fabulous Miss Eff; and yours truly, Stace “Spot on Chaos” Freeze will journey afar (okay not that far) to the Houston airport, where we will begin our fantastic voyage to the Mile High City of Denver, Colorado. Three wild and crazy gals. One glorious week. Unsupervised. Whatever shall we do?

Freaking Out about the Firsts!

Seriously, guys. I. Am. Freaking. Out. This trip is throwing so much newness at me and I’m trying not to get overwhelmed. Again. I may have already canceled plane tickets once only hours after we’d ordered them. The Husband said this time there’s no Takezies Backzies–I’m getting on that damn plane if they have to drug and drag me.

All of the Firsts:

  • #StaceOnAPlane
  • Going to Colorado
  • Week away from The Husband
  • “Working” vacation (let’s see how great I am at that whole work/life balance gig)
  • Mother/Teen Daughter getaway
  • Spending entire week with Miss Eff
  • Meetup at Comic Con with my Military Nephew (outside of organized family get-togethers)
  • Comic Con
  • Event coverage for the website, including trying to score face-to-face interviews
  • Mark Sheppard photo op/meet
  • The Husband paid for me to go spend time with another man **see the preceding “first”  😆 **
  • Week away from Lil’ Kaos

It’s a lot for my brain to process. Especially that last one. For those who don’t know, Lil’ Kaos is my 7-year-old daughter; she’s autistic and non-verbal. While it’s not technically the first time I’ve spent a week away from her, the last time was when she was just a baby and we’d allowed Meemaw Fly to take her with on a trip to the Midwest that Fly was making to see family. This time, Meemaw Fly flew (that’s kind of fun to say, by the way, but I digress) down here to help care for my Kaos in the absence of Bubbles and Chaos. She and her son are pretty damn great for making this trip happen for us. And while I know K is going to be in great hands while I’m gone–Daddy and Meemaw have got this–I’m still crying like a little b**** as I’m typing up this bit about being away.

Focus on the Fabulous: Excuse Me, Ma’am, but Your Geek is Showing

I can’t even BEGIN to list all the panels I’m planning on attending while at DCC 2018. The lineup is so great that it’s given me major squirrel brain–how will I EVER see everything that I want to see?!

My jump-off point for the trip, though, will be the lovely @AKNerdFighting panel–I stumbled upon those lovely ladies on Twitter, learned of their upcoming panel at DCC. Things just kind of snowballed from there. Psychology and fandom and Supernatural–oh my! How could NOT attend? I feel like I may be attending much of these alone while Miss Eff and Smol Tortl meander around, doing their own things, but that’s okay. I can dig it.

Denver Comic Con 2018: Are You Ready? 1 Denver Comic Con 2018: Are You Ready? img 1401 e1528725572294The fact that Mark Sheppard is going to be there–THAT was a pleasant surprise that we’ll call a bonus incentive to step out of my comfort zone. I’ve said for years that I didn’t intend to meet him until after I finished writing a trilogy I’ve been working on for some time–BUT at the rate that’s going, well, let’s just say I figured I’d better just go ahead and scratch this off the bucket list before one of us dies.

Okay, guys, I’d love to write more, and I probably will at some point, but I’ve got to get my rear in gear. We still have SO much we need to do before leaving tomorrow night. Wish us luck!

Cannot wait to see AKNerdFighting dropping knowledge at Denver Comic Con 2018! Screenshot taken from AKNerdfighting public Twitter account, credit to S.J. Freeze

Monster Squad, Denver Comic Con 2018, Bubbles and Chaos, Junkfood Cinema
Monster Squad at Denver Comic Con 2018–WHAT?! Screencap taken from Junkfood Cinema’s and Denver Comic Con’s public Twitter accounts, credit to S.J. Freeze


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