Random Fandom Shoutout—Artist: @laaminablackjok

My fangirling isn’t limited to my special needs community friend-os, y’all, it’s a very inclusive mindset when it comes to the things that make me go, “Squee!”

The piece below, drawn by @laaminablackjok from Twitter, features artwork inspired by Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s book, “The Little Prince,” and everyone’s favorite #BAMFM, Mark “Empire” Sheppard.

I absolutely fell in love with the drawing the moment it found its way onto my timeline.

“The Little Prince” is a story I loved when I was a kid.

Thanks to a babysitter’s awesome cable TV hookup, I first discovered the Little Prince’s universe through an animated series that ran back in the early 80s. Memories of watching it are a bit piece-y (I’m pretty sure I was supposed to be napping during said viewings), but I mostly recall the residual vibe: a sort of sweet melancholy.

Although I know I read it years later in grade school, “The Little Prince” as a book was mostly a long-forgotten memory until earlier this year when I heard Sheppard mention it during a convention panel.

I decided to re-visit the story a couple of months ago.

I picked up the book at my local library on a whim, thinking I’d do some lighter reading on account of the intensely scary medical stuff K had coming up. That night I nestled down into my bed with the book, ready to reclaim some childhood magic. As I began turning through the pages, faint memories whispered back to me from the illustrations.

I Cried.

Guys… I bawled my f***ing eyes out. We’re talking lip-quivering sobs with a snotty-nose kicker. I kept thinking to myself, Man, I hope The Husband doesn’t wake up. Please, don’t wake up. I will NEVER hear the end of it if he wakes up and catches me crying over a kid’s book. He did not. **Thank you, Universe, for small favors.**

Has Parenting Made Me Soft?

I don’t remember crying over the story when I was a kid. As I said, it had left me with an impression that it was a sad and sweet little story, but I don’t recall crying. Perhaps I was just too young to appreciate the wisdom penned in those pages? Perhaps it took some hard-won real-life experience for me to pick up what Antoine de Saint-Exupery was putting down? Or perhaps all the scary medical mojo with my kid has turned me into a big ol’ sensitive sucker? I suppose those notions aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive to each other. Hm.

Parents: What (if any) effect has being a parent had on the way you react/interpret stories (for the first time, or on a re-visit)?

Non-parental units: What stories did you love as a child? Have you re-read them as an adult? If you’ve re-read, did you notice a difference in what you took away from the story?

People just here for the Sheppard art: Go check out @laaminablackjok’s Twitter and giver her a follow! She has TONS of fabulous pieces there. #GoodStuff.

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Thank you, so much, @laaminablackjok, for creating this beautiful piece of fan art, for allowing me to share it with others, and for (unknowingly) adding a little extra (and adorable) meaning to this walk down memory lane. Sheppard, thanks for putting “The Little Prince” back on my radar. It was a good cry. 
Random Fandom Shoutout, The Little Prince, Mark Sheppard Fan Art
Artist: @laaminablackjok (Twitter)


  1. Did you become softer? Maybe, but only because you became so much MORE.

    I love this! Have I re-read stories from my childhood and found out things about myself that I couldn’t define before? YES, YES, YES!! Too many to talk about here, but the most significant for me was “How Green was my Valley.” I hope my mother reads this, because she was the one who first gave me that book. It’s the story of a boy growing up in a Welsh coal mining town, but as any lover of books knows, the story line was only a vessel for some for some of the most beautiful prose I’ve ever read. I knew that I liked it when I first read it as a kid, but when I re-read it as an adult- wow! I found so much of how I define my spiritual faith and my faith in mankind defined in those pages. Books make us who we are in so many different ways and I think it does take life experience to put those literary experiences into perspective.

    Current poignant re-visit of a childhood book: Scuffy the Tugboat 😉


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