Get Ready, Eddie

Here’s the Deal

I should niche down. Everybody—every blogger, businessman, their mamas, and their mamas’ mamas will tell you to niche down. Focus. Specialize. I know. I’ve read it, have heard it a zillion times from a zillion different resources. If someone were to come to me saying they wanted to start a blog I’d advise them to do the same thing. But… I just don’t want to do it.

I Want it All

I’m by nature an ambitious and curious little creature with a fuckton of interests outside of my domestic divadom. That’s really why I started this site in the first place, to keep a connection with the woman I am. The woman who enjoys learning, the woman who is fascinated by storytelling and the amazing people who breathe life into those tales, the woman who hopes when she leaves this world her story will have been something worth reading.

When I go and it’s time for Editorial Eddie to write up my epitaph, when he’s through banging it out on his weird-ass little holographic keyboard on his self-sanitizing desk in his neat little partitioned cubicle, I want that motherfucker to be so deleriously dizzy with inspiration he goes directly to his boss and tells him to fuck straight the fuck off, and he goes out into the world and chases some damn dreams.



Cheers, my friend.

I hope my finish line is your start.

Of Note: This site uses what I now know is a ridiculously code-bloated theme, but I lack the skill level at this time to send it along its way. I’ve written some of this particular post using some of the basic coding that I’ve learned, and I’ll be doing so as I go along from here on out. No image tonight. Maybe I’ll go back and whip something up tomorrow. No pushing to publish on social media. For now, it’s just me hanging out here, doing my thing when I can do the damn thing. Have a great day.

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Me too. Specialize, they said. Over and over. Decidedly neither bright nor shiny object I must know about! And another. How I dreamed of essay writer being a career. Monographs. Was there ever a stronger siren song for the autodidactic? (Apologies. Before this, I was listening to Stephen Fry. I’m convinced he will be dubbed our patron saint.)

And so why don’t you pursue your writing further? Essayist is absolutely a career—one with meager pay, usually, but a career nonetheless. During my “absence” from the site and social media I’ve come to realize that the essay format is my preferred SOP. And you should design the medallion for Saint Stephen; I look forward to sporting it. lol

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