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Disclaimer & Disclosure: Miss Sue Catt (aka Miss Sue Cherry) is a friend of and is an occasional content contributor for BubblesAndChaos.com. That being said, BubblesAndChaos.com is not involved in Miss Sue’s GoFundMe beyond helping her promote it (which we at BubblesAndChaos.com did volunteer our assistance—Miss Sue neither asked nor did she pay BubblesAndChaos.com to help promote her GoFundMe). None of the proceeds of Miss Sue’s GoFundMe go to BubblesAndChaos.com, and Miss Sue alone is responsible for the collection and dispersion of those proceeds.

With her permission, I’m posting a public call-to-action and request for help on behalf of site contributor, friend, and #SPNFamily1For y’all who aren’t familiar with this term, #SPNFamily is a hashtag used on Twitter to refer to the community that is the fandom/family for the CW show Supernatural. sister Sue Catt. Sue is a badass with a heart of gold and is a loud-and-proud advocate voice for mental health (you can read a bit of Sue’s story, told as only she can tell it, here).

Miss Sue’s GoFundMe

A Friend Indeed

I’ve come to know Sue over the last year, having “met” her through gifting her a shirt from actor Mark Sheppard’s “Hail to the King” REPRESENT Tee campaign in 2018 (you can view Sheppard’s current “Have You Ever Kippled?” campaign here). She’d only recently been released from the hospital, hadn’t yet been cleared to return to work, and was struggling to survive in every sense of the word.

I, on the other hand, had only recently returned from my 2018 Denver Comic Con trip, hadn’t yet learned about my youngest daughter’s seizure-causing cortical brain lesion, and was weeks away from being plunged back down into my own dark spiral of madness.

Sue found me before shit really started going sideways for me. We’d already become fast friends by the time I’d gone Darkside and had pretty much withdrawn from my analog friends and family, and I thank Universe for that not-so-small favor 3And I say this knowing full well that particular analog friends and family are going to give me hell for that once they read this, but it is what it is; love y’all, but sometimes (to quote a nephew) “It be like that.”. She deserves ALL OF THE GOOD FORTUNE (for all the late-night drunk asshat tweeting she saved me from doing, for that alone she deserves a medal for her service to the Twitter community)2And I apologize for the few straggler-messages that found targets—sorry, guys., and I wish I could do more to help her.

Miss Sue’s GoFundMe

A Friend In Need

Sue’s a fighter, of that there’s no doubt—and Universe has certainly given her a lot to fight through over the last year (Dude seriously needs to calm down with all that excitement)—and even while Sue’s been fighting to heal herself physically and financially, she’s been such a source of strength and inspiration for me along my own journey, and I’m so grateful for her. But even the strongest of fighters could use a break now and again. I’m hoping we can help give one to Sue.

Please Help Support Sue’s GoFundMe!

Click the Donate Now button to help Miss Sue out, and as always, if you can’t spare the cash, please help by sharing the cause.


  1. thank you to this group for being a lifeline for my daughter. I live in Ontario, Canada, so I am not near to take care of Miss Sue, she is very precious to me. I thank you for giving her the opportunity to go to Miss Me, and I also thank Mark Sheppard for unknowingly saving her life. She is a very caring person with such a big heart, and sometimes that heart gets her in to situations that cause her pain. She has had a tremendous amount to deal with in the past 2 years, and I wish I was closer to be able to give her a hug, and tell her everything is going to be ok. When she told me about going to see Mark Sheppard, she was so excited, and wondered why, she said nothing this good ever happens to her, so for this, I thank you, she deserves the best, and you have brought her this wonderful gift. This is amazing to me, that so many people come together and care about one another, and support each other. I am truly humbled, and deeply appreciate all of you.


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