Wednesday, September 18, 2019

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Post Partum Depression, Special Needs Fam Fan, Doc Holliday

Hell Ponds, Hurricanes, and a View from the Bathroom Floor

"I am a mother — an overwhelmed and tired mother — of three amazing children. I am a mother who gives her best day in and day out with what seems little recognition in return."

Coming Out of the Dark

Finally. After months and months of fighting, I can finally see it. Just a small, tiny bit of light. You see, I have depression. Then In April of 2018, I sat on my floor, pills and insulin around me,...

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Supernatural Family Represent "Miss Me?" Mark Sheppard Limited Edition Apparel
Actor Mark Sheppard has a new, limited edition apparel Represent campaign for Supernatural/Crowley fans: "Miss Me?" Why, yes. Yes, we do.