Spot’s Thoughts: “I Am in Here” Book Review

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NaRoWriMo 11-05-20

Big Supernatural Episode Tonight!

NaRoWriMo 11-04-20

Status Time: 7:45 PM

NaRoWriMo 11-03-20 Part 2

Status Time: 9:36 PM

NaRoWriMo 11-03-20 Pt 1

Good morning (as I'm typing this; the...

NaROWriMo 11-02-20

This picture is an accurate representation of...

NaRoWriMo 2020: 11/01/20

Day one of Bubbles and Chaos's NaRoWriMo 2020 series. National Ramble On Writing Month.

NaRoWriMo 11/08/20

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! Good evening (well, it's 10:39 PM...whatever)! The day's been long and filled...

NaRoWriMo 11/07/20

Election 2020 Results Biden. A couple of friends messaged me to tell me. I haven't...

NaRoWriMo 11-06-20

Today will be a micro-post. Went to see a friend, and while it was good to seem them and I'm deeply appreciative...