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Thanks to my lovely husband, Bubbles and Chaos has been Kippled (he's such a nice guy). Lay thine eyes upon the screenshot edit of my new hoodie receipt! Oh, sweet 2XL oversized hoodie, I can almost feel your warmth wrapped around me already.

Disclaimer: We at BubblesAndChaos.com have NO AFFILIATIONS with Mark Sheppard, REPRESENT, or Camp Conrad-Chinnock. This IS NOT a paid endorsement. All opinions and views shared are our own.

If you’ve been sleeping on social media, you might’ve missed Mark Sheppard’s recent “Have You Ever Kippled?” REPRESENT campaign. No worries, we’ll bring you up to speed real quick.

Get #Kippled!

What It Is…

Centered around his latest role as Willoughby Kipling1who’s definitely not Constantine in DC Universe’s Doom Patrol series 2I’ve purposely avoided descriptive spoilers in case anybody reading this hasn’t checked Doom Patrol out yet—if you haven’t, YOU NEED TO, 100%, and I’m not just saying that because of Sheppard’s association with the show. It’s all-around awesome and you don’t want to miss it, trust me!, Sheppard’s latest swag *Edited because some gross site using “swag” in its address has starting advertising bootleg Kipple designs—SMH. This is why we can’t have nice thingsdesign is available in 5 different shirt styles and offers two color choices: black or midnight navy.

View the freshly-Kippled (and always stunning) Sarah Sheppard here! That’s one HAWT3Hellaciously Awesome Willoughby Tee. 🙂shot!

Not into graphic Tees? Wrap your hands around a super-sweet mug instead.

Proceeds from Sheppard’s “Have You Ever Kippled?campaign go towards funding for Camp Conrad Chinnock—a California-based camp which offers children with diabetes “a positive camping experience” through managed routines, care, and education (education for both children AND their caregivers).

Get #Kippled!

The Why…

I cannot stress enough to you how important it is that programs like Camp Conrad’s exist.

Programs that afford a sense of inclusion and make possible a peer experience often otherwise unavailable to children and families whose lives require a bit more behind-the-scenes 4Well, on a good day, it’s behind-the-scenes, and we always hope for the good days, but sometimes Universe has other plans & puts our business on public display finessing to function—programs like that mean the world to families like mine.

Let me put it this way

To Paint A Similar Picture…

I’m not a public display of affection sort of person by any means, and most definitely not a hugger, BUT if you came to me and told me there was a camp program for kids on the spectrum staffed by trained professionals familiar with the ins-and-outs of autism and accompanying conditions, who wanted to provide my daughter with an authentic experience adapted to her needs AND it offered me the opportunity to come in and receive some focused parent education on managing SPD, seizures, eating issues, etc, in an environment where I could mingle with other parents while our kids were out having a great time creating memories in a safe, supervised manner, AND you had a scholarship for us…

Well, I’d probably burst into a fit of overwhelmed tears that’d last at LEAST 20 minutes and you’d have a hard time prying yourself from my inappropriate-length spider monkey embrace, for starters.

Picture a Big Bang Theory Penny/Sheldon Christmas present exchange scenario level of “GASP!” gratitude, with lifelong support of your cause—and it STILL wouldn’t seem like enough to show my appreciation.

Yeah. It’s like that.

Sheppard Merch5Edited (grudgingly) from “swag;” still cranky about that site & their use of the word. Douchebags. is Cool, And…

The Effect It’ll Help Bring About Is Ultimately And Infinitely Cooler.

Supporting Camp Conrad, whether it’s through a purchase of some Sheppard swag merch, or through a donation directly to the camp itself, will help improve the quality of life for some fortunate kiddos and their families.

Last I’d heard, the “Have You Ever Kippled?” campaign will run through April 20th May 7th, 2019. The campaign has been extended, and you now have a little extra time to get Kippled. Go crazy, kids. (though several interested parties are requesting Sheppard extend it a bit longer—if that should happen, we’ll let y’all know).

If you can’t spare the cash, my dudes, then please share the cause on your favorite social media channels. Visit Sheppard’s campaign page—THE ONLY OFFICIAL SOURCE from which to buy his latest design—by clicking the link below.


  1. Absolutley. More programs like camp Conrad need to be available. There is so little support out there for families even though the demand is so high.

    • It really IS. *nods* A year or so ago, a friend’s son (a young man diagnosed as autistic & nonverbal) received an additional diagnosis as being diabetic after a terrifying hospitalization that almost ended in tragedy. Her family snaps to the foreground of my thoughts when Camp Conrad is mentioned.

      She had a hell of a time trying to educate herself quickly about managing diabetes. Access to a program like this would really have been a blessing for them.


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