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Fan Art: Layout: S.J. Freeze; "Miss Me" fire font graphic designed by the wonderful Nicole Curme; Sheppard photo sourced from Represent campaign email.

Miss me!

Miss me!

Now you gotta—

No, wait—that’s fanfiction. Damn. My bad.

But who wouldn’t seal the deal, Supernatural fam, to have The King back in grand and glorious fashion for Supernatural’s final season? Don’t you miss the sass? The snark? The fashion? The face? I know I do.

Sadly, I don’t think #TeamCrowley is likely to receive the closure we crave as The End approaches. 

Although we may not have the pleasure of seeing Sheppard’s smug mug back on our screens in the Supernatural-verse, we CAN sport it on some fancy schmancy new merchandise (available for a limited time)!

The “Miss Me” Represent Campaign

If you aren’t familiar with Sheppard’s fundraising efforts for Camp Conrad Chinnock—a camp that provides fun and educational social opportunities for diabetic children and their families—you can read a bit more about Sheppard’s fundraising for diabetes and view a previous campaign here.

The “Miss Me?” Represent campaign offers 7 different shirt styles, as well as a coffee mug (perfect for sipping a hot beverage for comfort from while you’re surely still mourning the loss of our King).

Gifting and Match Programs

And don’t forget, if you’re feeling extra-charitable, Represent also offers a “Gift” option if you’d like to pick up a little something for someone else.

There’s a great group of Sheppard Fan Page admins and associates who are running a merchandise match campaign if you’re interested in gifting an item. If you’d like to sign up for the list, you can fill out the form below and I’ll help put you in contact with the lovely dudes who are busting their rumps to try to help Sheppard raise money for Camp Conrad Chinnock.

Are you loving the latest design? I’m definitely digging it, and I’ll be grabbing mine in the next few days. Now, I heard a rumor 1 Yes, I dropped that reference; you, dear reader, can come see me after class if you understand it. that a fan may have helped Sheppard talk it through regarding what we’re looking for in our swag. If it’s true, I’d say the conversation was a success. That’s a sweet design right there.

And SPEAKING of design…

I need to throw

A Quick Shout-Out to the Wonderful and Amazing Sheppard Fan Who Designed the “Miss Me?” Fire Font Segment of This Article’s Graphic

I’m still very green when it comes to design and I’ve been struggling with fire techniques for MONTHS. I really wanted the “Miss Me?” in flames for this piece to help promo Sheppard’s “Miss Me?” Represent campaign, and I’d started and trashed about seven different designs. She—Nicole Curme really stepped up and saved my sanity (and maybe my laptop—mama gets a little bit hissy when the creative process is going slow), and although she declined byline credit—(update: Nicole gave me the okay to credit her by name—huzzah!) I want you all to know of her badassery. If you’re around the Sheppard fan feeds on social media, you likely know her. She’s good people. Thank you, AGAIN, my dear Nicole. You are now my graphic design Obi Wan.

Don’t miss out, Supernatural Fam!

Head on over to the site today and Represent for our King!


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