NaRoWriMo 11-03-20 Part 2


Time: 9:36 PM

Mood: Absolute Shit

BUT I’m back. Briefly. Been peeking at the election coverage off and on and I’m friggin’ exhausted.

I kicked The Husband out of the house for a majority of the night because we differ vastly regarding politics. Didn’t stop him from texting and calling to harass me about the election ish. Soooo mature.

On a Lighter Note

K left her jacket behind at school last week, so when the temperature dropped earlier this week I had to send her to school on Monday layered up in one of my smaller hoodies. She looked ADORABLE in it and she really seemed to like wearing it (whereas she’ll try to strip off her jackets or coats almost immediately).

Around a half an hour past the school day start I received a text from her teacher confirming that she was indeed super-cozy donning that bad boy. My mini-me! Heh! Loves me some oversized hoodies. Always have.

Years ago, when K first started seeing an occupational therapist we had a discussion one day about how I identified with a lot of what I’d been reading about Autistic traits and behaviors in my research. The OT laughed. Hard. Not in a bitchy manner, mind you. It was very much an, “Oh, honey,” laugh.

One of the things she pointed out that she’d noticed about me was that I dress effectively to self-regulate in a sensory manner, favoring to wear layers, big ol’ wide-leg jeans (hello, Jnco, I miss you), and oversized hoodies. I’ve dressed that way for years. Basically, I’m walking around in a self-fashioned weighted blanket on the regular. LOL

So it makes sense that K would dig the oversized hoodie bit. We’ll have to look into buying her some more. Sidebar: Sheppard should seriously consider adding some kid-sized merch when he hooks up his next campaign. K has stolen my Miss Me fitted T on more than one occasion.

Stace Freeze
Stace Freeze
Mother, Wife, Poly-Fandemic (Thank you, Hansi, for introducing me to this fabulous term) Experimental Co-Creator of Worlds and Experiences, Cardslinger.

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