NaRoWriMo 11-03-20 Pt 1

Good morning (as I’m typing this; the clock will probably tick over while I’m writing, but eh)!

Election Day 2020

Did you get out to vote yet? I went out first thing this morning and hit up the polls as soon as they opened. Our community is small and so there wasn’t a long wait, which was nice. Anxiety is definitely riding high—you can see it all over social media (which I’m really trying to limit checking today. If your nerves are up, I suggest you do the same, and maybe consider muting the term polls.

That’s all for the moment, but I’ll hit the site back up with a part 2 later. Just wanted to make sure I knocked out a little something, no matter how small, for NaRoWrimo 2020 today.

For now, I return to housework and such.

Be good and be well.


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