NaRoWriMo 11-04-20


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Mood: Ehhhh.

Find Me in My DMs

I’m mostly trying to avoid social media (all of the eek), but I’m around in DMs or text messages if you want to hit me up (this is directed at my people—you know who you are). Amelia, I’ve tried to message you a few times with no response. I’m worried, my dude. Let me know you’re ok.

Today’s Graphic

The day was relatively uneventful, so I’ll blather on briefly about today’s graphic design image. Modeled after a graphic design tutorial I found on YouTube (but not actually followed technically, meaning I didn’t actually watch the video and follow along), I was shooting for that “classier” look.

The Font: Serifs are Classy AF

I opted for a serif font and adjusted the tracking, which is a term for widening the spaces of lettering—this is both demonstrated in the example and is also a technique recommended by the woman I’m taking design classes under online (she’s a gem; loves her).

The Photo: Free

The laptop, phone, & coffee cup image was provided by Kevin Bhagat over at Unsplash. Unsplash is a great site to grab some free images from if you don’t have a keen photographer’s eye or the cash to buy stock photos. It’s also a great place for photographers and graphic designers to gain a little exposure and network a bit. Maybe I’ll take a run at working up a little something to throw over there one day.

The Result

A simple, clean, and classy looking cover image (or at least I like to think so). Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and you can find some great examples of design online and in the analogue world EVERYWHERE (but don’t forget to show some love and props to the original creators when appropriate).

In Other News

Tomorrow is my homie Ingrid’s birthday tomorrow! Happy early birthday, my dude! (And sorry for my homies whose birthdays have already passed that I haven’t thrown shout-outs for—it’s been a jacked year and I’ve been slacking. I suck and I will try to do better by you).

That’s all I’ve got for now, so I’ll holler at you later!

P.S. Drop me a comment below with your thoughts on today’s (or any other day’s designs)! I’d eventually like to start up designing services, so any feedback is greatly appreciated. 🙂

Behave yourselves.


Stace Freeze
Stace Freeze
Mother, Wife, Poly-Fandemic (Thank you, Hansi, for introducing me to this fabulous term) Experimental Co-Creator of Worlds and Experiences, Cardslinger.

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  1. Throwing my own comment (FIRST!) out there about my graphic today—I can see from the Twitter share that the smaller lines of text are more difficult to read. Noted. Sorry, my dudes.

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