NaRoWriMo 11/08/20

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

Good evening (well, it’s 10:39 PM…whatever)!

The day’s been long and filled with fuckery.

I feel tired but I am determined to keep up with my month’s writing goal of showing up here daily to drop a ramble. Sorry if the series isn’t anything of particular substance, but that wasn’t really the point of it. I greatly appreciate all of you who give me a little bit of your time when you come here, who are willing to witness my process as I’m working towards disciplining myself into a more productive writing habit.

I didn’t set a specific word count goal or a writing time goal.

Just. Show. Up.


Don’t overanalyze. Don’t obsess over “perfection.” Just write and be willing to write like shit.

This is the goal.

Until tomorrow.


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What is the saying? Progress, not perfection? I’m proud of you my friend and any time spent “with” you, is time spent well indeed.

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