As I’m sitting here waiting for Amelia to respond—she’s offered me a “fun” project to get my creative juices flowing (I was complaining, which is putting it lightly, about feeling creatively blocked yet simultaneously ready to DO and MAKE; it’s incredibly frustrating).

As it turns out, she’s tasked me with making her dear, sweet doggo look evil. I don’t know if it’s possible. He looks like the doofiest sweetheart in the world from the pictures I’ve seen. BUT that’s definitely a challenge wrapped up in a pretty bow of learning new techniques using Affinity Photo. Please do take the liberty of imagining me doing a happy dance (because I’m a nerd like that).

It’s creation.

It’s educational.

It’s a writing procrastination enabler.

Love it.

BTW, I know I didn’t keep up with NaRoWriMo, but shit happened and priorities changed. Sorry not sorry. I did mentally flog myself for not sticking to the goal for a few days, honestly, BUT then I realized that instead of trying to spread myself so thin that I wouldn’t be bringing my best to the table given the particular circumstances, I made a mature decision involving knowing my limits. Go me.

I could’ve popped in, though, to at least give a heads-up that I wasn’t going to continue with NaRoWriMo, though, and for THAT I do apologize. My bad. Sorry for that.

AnyWho… I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving yesterday—ours was relatively uneventful, but that’s not a bad thing. Eventful usually means a trip to the hospital. No, thank you.





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