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We Have a Neurology Appointment in a Few Hours.

It’ll be our first in-person appointment with K’s Neurologist since we received the news of the cortical lesion on her brain. And our first opportunity to discuss what it means for our family in the grand scheme of things–when I originally received the news over-the-phone, I was too damn shell-shocked to form cohesive thoughts. The Husband and I have a ton of questions, of course.

How Many Answers Can the Neuro Give, Though?

From doing my own research and reading thus far, I’m going to wager not many. And THAT’S really going to piss The Husband off. And me, too, but I tend more towards bottling my feelings than outright outlets of expression (probably not the healthiest way to deal, I’m sure).

Being left in the limbo zone is frustrating and damn scary. Very fear-invoking. How’s that quote go? Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering. (Thanks, Yoda).


I’m definitely afraid.

That’s an understatement.

I’m fucking terrified.

Meanwhile, K is currently on the couch jamming out to Spotify. So chill. At least ONE of us has their shit together right now.

I Need to Get Ready.

I just wanted to pop on here and share. That’s healthier than shuffling around the house crying in my coffee, right?

Wish us luck.

How do you handle your fear of the unknown? Drop us a comment below & maybe give us some pointers?

Stace Freeze
Stace Freeze
Mother, Wife, Poly-Fandemic (Thank you, Hansi, for introducing me to this fabulous term) Experimental Co-Creator of Worlds and Experiences, Cardslinger.

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  1. You’re welcome. How did the doctor’s visit go?

    I’ve tried to change my ways and open up more with people, but old habits die hard. ? I, too, am more of a listener. I’ve had many people come to me when they need to vent or just talk because they know I’ll listen and try my best to help.

  2. Good luck today! I’ll be thinking of you and your family. ?

    Well, I don’t handle fear very well. I start to worry endlessly and start to panic, all the while keeping these feelings bottled up until I can’t keep them bottled up anymore and explode. ? Not very heathly, but I hate to put my burdens on other people.

    • Thank you. We just swung into McDonald’s for a quick bite and we’re back on the road again.

      I tend towards bottling, too (I’m trying to work on that—the explosion ? is never pretty).

      I absolutely get the idea of not wanting to burden others! I’m accustomed to being the supportive listener, not the support seeker.

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