‪On our way to K’s 6-month follow-up w/ her neurologist at #TexasChildrensHospital. ‬

‪Houston traffic—ugh, hate. Crowded, people drive like they’re ? ? crazy, & it takes forever. ‬

‪Despite those unpleasantries, I sure am thankful we’re able to make the journey. ‬

I’m thankful she has currently has healthcare coverage and is able to attend one of the best children’s hospitals in the country.

I’m thankful that my car is back up and going in order to get us there, and that we have the gas money to cover the travel costs.

Not everyone has these things. Hell, it wasn’t so long ago that we didn’t have these things, and I know that nothing in life is guaranteed—situations can change drastically in a moment’s time—and I try to appreciate all of the highs when they come around.

Ok. Traffic’s really getting wicked, so I’m going to go for now.

But before I do, I’d like to remind you to consider what you might have to be grateful for in the midst of your own chaos.




  1. Very true. I have wonderful friends who help me with so many things, and try to make sure I know I am loved. I am capable of working and no matter what, I can laugh.


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