William Goldman RIP Thank You
Credit: S.J. Freeze

RIP William Goldman

William Goldman RIP Thank You
Credit: S.J. Freeze

You were best known for your Oscar-winning wordsmithery, having penned and polished big-screen gems like Misery, All the President’s Men, and of course, The Princess Bride.

You’ll forever be best-known to me as the man who helped give me one of the BEST Christmas presents of 2017.

I’ve had the post/pic about it sitting in my draft queue for almost a year. Having procrastinated on putting it up last holiday season, I’d decided to wait until this holiday season rolled around to publish it.

When I Saw the News Today of Your Passing, I Remembered

and I regretted not having actually put it out there until today.

I Regretted Not Thanking You

before you passed for giving me a mother-daughter moment over a Christmas break that I will cherish forever. It was not only my first viewing of The Princess Bride, but the first time K ever took an actual interest in anything I was watching. It was the first time she brought her blanket and pillow and curled up next to me on the couch instead of being all the way on the other end. And it was definitely the first time I saw a movie fully command her attention — she was so into it!

I stayed there with her on that couch long after she’d fallen asleep, long after the movie ended,  and after two or three other half-hour shows aired on TV. I stayed there basking in that experience well into the second showing of The Princess Bride several hours later.

Thank You

for that, truly. Thank you for being a part of giving us that experience together.


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