The Husband—An Appreciation Post

Believe it or not, I am not the most romantic or affectionate of mammals (I know, shocking, right?). But it’s true.

The Husband and I have been married for a while (we’ll be celebrating our 20th anniversary in December), we’re both busy, we’re both tired, and with conditions being as such, it’s all too easy to let things fall into a groove and take an amazing partner for granted.

Not cool. At all.

So, when I saw his excitement over the pic I snapped of him the other day when he was modeling his new hat and jacket for me, I wanted to take a moment to show him off a bit and get a little braggadocious.

“You’re going to put me on the site?”


He was beaming. It was adorable.

That it’s taken me so damn long to introduce you to him is shameful, to say the least. I’ve been coming at this blogging gig with an overly-protective touch, wanting to respect my family’s privacy but instead of setting respectful boundaries, I’ve been excluding my Love 1I also don’t mention The Teen aka Daughter number 1 often, also because I don’t want to violate her privacy. Again, not cool.

We’re correcting that right now.

Lay thine2Totally googled the correct usage for thy vs thine. Fyi, if the noun following “thy” begins with a vowel sound, “thine” should be used instead of “thy.” Now you know. eyes upon the greatness that is my handsome husband, my best friend, and my biggest supporter.

He works hard for our family. He puts in long hours at a job that’s both physically-demanding and often ridiculously dangerous, and then comes home and tries to spend what little time off he has with K and me 3And with The Teen, which is more challenging now that she’s off and adulting these days. Hint, hint.—even if it means staying up later than he really should sometimes, given the ungodly hour he rises in the morning.

He’s a pretty swell fella who’s damn handsome, to boot.


In the unlikely event that you’re reading this, Husband, I love you. 😘



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