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The Spotify Crowley Playlist

Good Friday to all of you fine people! I hope it’s been a lovely one for ya.

If you need some assistance with keeping warm this evening, fear not—you can heat things up by shaking your ass to the hottest playlist straight outta hell! ?

This Crowley-inspired Spotify playlist makes my little dark heart happy, and I hope it touches y’all right where your bathing suit goes.

Even When I Lose, I Win—Abandon All Hope (AKA the Crowley Playlist)

Some bias may exist here since it’s, you know, MY playlist. I stand by my rating, though.

Have a song that reminds you of the king of hell and you don’t see it on the list? 

Let us know in the comments below! We’ll consider adding it to the list.


  1. I’m pretty sure that is the most varied playlist I’ve ever seen. Which works wonderfully for my squirrelly brain.


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