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When our family first suspected our youngest daughter K was autistic, I did what I always do—I threw myself into reading and research. It’s been somewhere around 6 years since then. In that time I’ve come across many helpful resources for both learning and support. I only found in the last couple of years, having digitally met him through the blogging circuit, but I wish I’d found the site and its author sooner.

The Autism Dad

What He’s About is a multi-award-winning autism parenting blog written from a dad’s point-of-view. Autism dad Rob Gorski shares 100% real and raw emotion with readers alongside advocacy and education.

Gorski has also recently started a podcast and it’s a pleasure to listen to.

You should check him out, especially if you’re a fellow autism dad seeking support.*Ahem! Hint, hint, oh husband of mine—there are dudes out there who understand the stress and pressure of being an autism dad.

Share the Knowledge!

Are you an autism parent, caregiver, educator, or are you yourself autistic AND you have some favorite recommended resources you think we should share with the world?

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