A collection of Stace Freeze early graphic design creations
Collage of early graphics created by Stace Freeze

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I’ve been self-studying graphic design on a part-time basis for nearly 3 years now. It started out as a casual interest, a thought of, “Hey, I could maybe learn a couple of things to help dress up my writing, add a little visual interest to my little ‘mom blog’.”

I was slightly familiar with design and layout already, thanks to a desktop publishing pre-requisite class from my college days, and all the pro-bloggers I’d been studying seemed to make a pretty big deal about the import of having images to accompany your posts.

Eh, why the hell not? Couldn’t hurt.


My “casual interest” in graphic design, well, that went about the same way my “casual interest” in a certain someone went some 19 years ago—started out just messing around, having a good time. Next thing I knew, I looked up 4 months later and I was married to my side dude.1We just celebrated our 19th anniversary, by the way. LOVES him! Sorry, Dude-I-Was-Previously-Engaged-To, but I think we can both agree things turned out for the best

Indeed, I’ve been spending a lot more time designing than I have written over these last few months. 2 I like to think we have a polyamorous relationship, still; it’s all about balance and making sure your other partners still feel loved and appreciated—I’m working on being better to my wordy love. So much so, in fact, that I needed a machine with a bit more oomph to it.



Throwback Thursday—Graphic Design, Process, & Progress 1 Throwback Thursday—Graphic Design, Process, & Progress q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B07VT4RJ51&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=bubblesandc06 20&language=en USThrowback Thursday—Graphic Design, Process, & Progress 3 Throwback Thursday—Graphic Design, Process, & Progress ir?t=bubblesandc06 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B07VT4RJ51

My recently-approved computer upgrade to the OH-SO-SEXY Lenovo Legion (Thank you, Husband; I love you!) has sped things up quite a bit in my designing process.

It has more RAM, a better (and dedicated) graphics card, and a faster processor.

I’m able to complete more in less time, and without having to restart my software programs 72 times during a single session, which means I’m no longer sending my friends angry text messages ranting and raving about threatening to slam my computer against the wall.

That all adds up to a much happier, more productive mother-blogging design & development student who’s able to spend more time with her many varied interests AND with her family.


Transferring my files over to the new machine was a pain in the rear, though.

It took forever because I tried to transfer everything over from Elsa ( AKA the old laptop, so renamed because that bitch was always frozen) to Legion via the OneDrive cloud.

Bubbles and Chaos’s Yelp Review for this method: 0/10. Do not recommend. 

  • Slow 
  • Files were lost in cyberspace during the process (according to several forums I found, this is not an issue unknown to Microsoft—user beware)
  • Did I mention that it was really damn slow? 

Advice for File Transfers When Upgrading Computers

If you’re upgrading your computer, grab an external hard drive while you’re shopping.

It will speed up your file transfer time tremendously, & you score the bonus of having backup copies of your files on an external source already, should something go awry with your machine.

DON’T rely on the cloud for transferring your files—it ate some of my files, including my SupaNova Con 2019 Fan Art Promo Designs. Learn from my loss.

With that being said, though, sifting through all my files (looking for lost files for hours) did have its own reward.

It forced me into looking back on my early vector creation exercises. Into reflecting on and appreciating how far I’ve really come in my studies and practice.

It was a pretty cool trip, one that was much-needed.

I sometimes forget that making progress often involves a series of tiny, incremental improvements. Changes that you don’t necessarily notice straight away.

It’s a cumulative process.

My Early Vector Graphic Creations

2019 Graphic Design Creations

Hail to the King Supernatural blazing pentagram amidst red smoke, designed for Twitter #SPNFamily member to give to Mark Sheppard at Supanova 2019
“Hell & Hail” Supernatural fan art card designed Stace Freeze for Twitter #SPNFamily member to present to Mark Sheppard at Supnanova 2019
Throwback Thursday—Graphic Design, Process, & Progress 7 Throwback Thursday—Graphic Design, Process, & Progress J2ScoobySnacksPNG
Scooby / Supernatural crossover fan art packaging designed by Stace Freeze and created for a Twitter #SPNFamily member to send in a care package for CW’s Supernatural cast & crew

It’s happening slower than a herd of turtles trudging through peanut butter, but I’m improving in my graphic design skills. That’s okay. 

From day-to-day, we focus on the process. Live it. Love it. Revel in it. The progress will come. 

Trust me. 



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