Wicked Wine (Chilly) 5K Today!

Wicked Wine (Chilly) 5K Today! 1 Wicked Wine (Chilly) 5K Today! img 0547Chilly 5K Prep: Wear Your Layers

Good morning! Today is D-day–D as in DAMN cold! I’m up bright and early, carb-loaded and caffeinated, doing last minute laundry (because I’m a procrastinator). The weather forecast for today is said to be chilly, windy, and wet. Of course it is…

Doc Holliday Meetup

Doc Holliday and I will head out around noonish. It’s a 2-hour drive to Santa Fe, TX and we run at 4PM. Should give us plenty of time…I think. I’m not driving, so whatever. I shall trust my leggy chauffeur. What could go wrong?

Maybe a Road-trip Video or Two

Later on, if she’s down with it, I may throw out some live road-trip videos via FB or Twitter. Or Instagram. So many video platforms now.

For now, I have to finish getting my stuff together & making sure The Husband has all the appropriate numbers & cards just in case anything should come up with K. I’m a little nervous about that, but he can handle the household. He’s got this. *Nods*

If you plan on swinging by the 5k today, come find us and say, “Hey!”.

We’ll be the chicks in bandanas straggling behind the crowd (soooo did NOT train properly for this event). Wish us luck, guys and gals!

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